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For the seasoned Contracting Professional:
Your day should be spent making the best deal possible, not tabbing pages in a 3000 page regulation book. myFAR is a fully interactive experience, allowing you to easily bookmark, take notes, and search for content in the FAR in an intuitive and elegant fashion. Plus take it all offline or on your phone to access myFAR from anywhere.

If you’re new to Federal Acquisitions:
Getting to know the FAR can be a herculean task, but you don’t have to do it alone. With myFAR you get access to exclusive expert analyses and protips for dealing with "the Regulations." And if you have a question about a particular section, you can submit a question to one of our subject matter experts for some advice from the pros.

Building myFAR is a collaborative effort with you. myFAR is currently beta software, and we want to hear your feedback to know what will help make your life easier when dealing with the FAR. myFar access and research functionality will always be free forever; premium features are free while we are putting the finishing touches on the product.

What are the Federal Acquisition Regulations?

The Federal Acquisition Regulations or FAR is the principle set of regulations in use by Federal Executive agencies using appropriated funds for the acquisition of supplies and services. Simply put, if you want to effectively buy for or sell to or for any part of the Federal Government, you need to have an equally effective grasp of the FAR.